Online Bachelor’s in Programming

An online bachelor's degree in programming is an excellent educational pursuit for students who enjoy working with technology and who are interested in creating new programs and applications. As the degree typically gives student a wide range of practice and study within the field, they can often use what they learn to establish careers in web development, mobile applications, game programming or computer engineering. While enrolled, students will take classes in areas like programming languages, logic structures and databases.

Why a Bachelor’s Degree?

A bachelor’s is the best way to prepare for an entry-level career in programming. Students who learn about programming theory and computer applications typically qualify for software development positions. A bachelor’s is also necessary for pursuing a master’s degree in information technology, programming or a related field. It can also serve as the basis for certificates in programming, which can help students specialize in a certain aspect of software or game development.

Inside a Programming Bachelor’s Degree Program

An online bachelor’s degree program usually takes four years to complete, but it may be completed sooner if a student takes a heavy course load each semester. If a student only attends on a part-time basis, it may take longer than four years to complete. Once enrolled, students will take classes like network infrastructure, operating systems, programming fundamentals and logic structures. In addition, students will also take general classes in English, history, government, science and mathematics, which will make them well-rounded.

During the course of the program, students will complete projects in programming, database administration and website development. As all assignments can easily be completed on a computer, they should have no trouble completing their projects online. Exams will likely be completed online as well, although for proctored midterms and finals, students may need to visit a testing center. Although they will be distance education students, online students will have access to the same resources as traditional students.

What’s Next for Programming Bachelor’s Degree Holders?

Students who graduate from programming bachelor’s degree programs can become computer programmers or software developers. Both positions require only a bachelor’s degree, although some opportunities may also require work experience. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that computer programmers earn a median salary of $77,550 annually. The BLS also reports that software developers earn a median wage of $97,990 annually. However, keep in mind that wages always vary by experience and location.

After graduating, students have the option of pursuing a master’s in an information technology or computer science field. They can also pursue certificates in programming, software or related fields. Doing so will make them into more marketable candidates for employment.