Online Associate in Programming

Students interested in learning how computers and software work may find that an associate in computer program is the best degree program to suit their needs. The online associate in programming is designed to teach students how to develop software and applications, manage data and establish networks. In addition, students will also become familiar with the core computer concepts, like operating systems and email. As they take their major area coursework, they should also become proficient in computer hardware maintenance and programming languages.

Why an Associate Degree?

An associate is a good way to learn the basics of programming without having to pay the high tuition rates of four-year programs. In addition, many provide hands-on experiences through internships and projects, which will make students into marketable employees. Some programs also double as transfer agrees, which gives students credits toward a bachelor’s degree in their major area of study. This is good for students hoping to boost their grade-point averages to gain access into bachelor’s programs.

Inside a Programming Associate Degree Program

Many programming associate degrees give students the opportunity to specialize in their field of choice. For instance, some may take coursework over software development, while others may focus their students on mobile applications development. Regardless, students will take classes in computer information, application programming, advanced concepts, network technologies and database applications. Many programs will also require students to learn business strategies and principles, as these may arise during their careers. Finally, students will also take general education classes in fields like math, science and history, which will make them into well-rounded graduates.

Typically, an associate program lasts around two years. Those who take classes on a part-time basis will complete the program at a slower pace. As programming requires use of a computer, online students may find that taking the program online gives them an edge over their peers. All assignments will be submitted through an online portal, but exams may be taken at a local testing center. Typical projects include using programming languages to build software and learning the various parts of a computer.

What’s Next for Programming Associate Degree Holders?

An associate degree is a good way to get started in programming, but a student’s education should not end there. Programming professionals who have a bachelor’s in the field can go on to become software developers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that developers earn a mean salary of $99,530, depending upon experience and location. Job outlooks are good, with growth projected at 17% through 2024.

After earning a bachelor’s, students can go on to pursue a master’s in a specific area of programming. This can help them advance into management positions or help them break into academia. Students also have the option of pursuing certifications in different software, which will make them into more marketable candidates for job positions.