Online Bachelor’s in Computer Science

Computer science is a scientific and practical approach to studying computers and their computational applications. The discipline focuses on the theory of computation, as well as practical techniques for implementing computer programming, algorithms, data structures, and other foundations. During the program, students will study the theory of computation and algorithmic reasoning, in addition to the many disciplines that make this field so diverse, such as computer graphics, systems analysis, computer programming, and software engineering.

Why a Bachelor’s Degree?

Online computer science bachelor’s programs do an excellent job of preparing students to work in this ever-evolving, technical field. Those who have their sights set on working in computer-related services and possess the prerequisite knowledge and skills are generally ready to move into the bachelor’s program. Unlike the two-year associate degree in computer science, four-year students receive more comprehensive instruction and training. Bachelor’s seekers truly get to delve into the subject and develop advanced skills that will help them find a job after graduation.

Inside a Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree Program

Depending on the college or individual program, the bachelor’s in computer science usually takes four years to complete. Typical classes may include data structures and algorithms, computer organization, programming languages, computer organization, and operating systems. Class content and lectures are delivered in text documents, audio or video clips, slideshow presentations, modules, and other alternative formats. Most colleges have online learning management systems that give students access to their class materials, assignments, and grades.

What’s Next for Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree Holders?

Graduates will be eligible to work in a number of exciting careers. Common careers include computer support specialist, computer systems analyst, computer programmer, database administrator, network system analyst, or software engineer. Thanks to the growing demand for computer products and services, industries of all kinds are hiring computer science graduates to do various technical jobs. For instance, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment of computer systems analysts to grow 21% by 2024. This fast-growing occupation will see additional growth in wireless and mobile networks, healthcare, and IT consulting firms. The BLS also reported that systems analysts earned an average annual salary of $87,320, as of May 2014. Pay may vary, depending on your work setting, location, education, and experience.

Although there are plenty of job opportunities for bachelor’s degree holders, some graduates may be interested in pursuing the next degree option in computer science. After completing the program, students might decide to go to graduate school for their master’s in computer science. The graduate degree is an excellent option for those who want to increase their expertise in computer science or a concentration area. It also allows for more job flexibility and advancement opportunities.