Online Master’s in Marketing

The Nike swoosh. McDonald's arches. Apple's apple. Thanks to effective marketing plans, strategies and teams, people the world over recognize these symbols and the companies and products they represent. Brand building is a must-do for companies looking to succeed in today's highly competitive economy, as consumers become more and more selective with their dollars. It makes sense, then, that so many colleges and universities are expanding their catalogs to include marketing master's programs.

Why a Master’s Degree?

Sure, an associate or bachelor’s degree can get your foot in the marketing door, but individuals with a master’s in the subject enjoy more job stability and higher pay. Also, the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists that individuals with a master’s degree in the market research realm often get the top research positions. So, if marketing is your passion and you want a chance at running the show, a master’s degree might be a wise investment. Plus, it can help you should you decide to continue your studies at the doctoral level.

Inside a Marketing Master's Degree Program

A master of science in marketing will expose students to the specific ins and outs of marketing, branding and promotion, focusing less on general business practices and more on specific marketing tactics and methods. Topics like corporate communications, market research and sales management are just some of the subjects explored in online marketing master’s degree programs like this one offered through Southern New Hampshire University. Before enrolling in anything, though, students should ensure the program is fully-accredited by a reputable source.

Some students are hesitant about enrolling in a master’s program for fear it might take too long, but the time it takes to complete the curriculum in an online program is more dependent on the student than anything else. Most programs leave it up to the individual to build their own schedules, with the exception of a few prerequisites here and there. On average, though, a master’s program can take anywhere from one to three years to complete.

What’s Next for Marketing Master’s Degree Holders?

Individuals who hold a master’s degree in marketing will likely be in high-demand once they graduate. Companies and organizations everywhere are looking for forward-thinking individuals with the vision to best promote their products and services. According to the BLS, market research analysts and marketing analysts make an average salary of $68,700.

If once you’re done, you feel a master’s is not enough there are other options you can pursue. Ph.Ds. are offered in the field, along with various certifications to keep the learning going. You can even opt to go back to school and study a different subject within business to grow your overall skills.