Online Associate in Teaching

Associate-level teaching programs are ideal for students seeking a foundation in core classes. General education or general studies cover the basic arts and sciences, such as math, composition, history, and humanities. An associate degree in this area can be used to transition into a bachelor's program or as a credential for those seeking immediate employment. An online associate in general education can be achieved relatively quickly if the student is self-motivated.

Why an Associate Degree?

Associate degrees in general education can readily transfer to most baccalaureate programs. To this end, students who have yet to decide on a focus or major can elect to gain their associate in general education before moving on to secure a bachelor’s in a more specific subject of interest. They may also use their associate as a competitive edge when applying for positions that only require a high school diploma.

Inside a Teaching Associate Degree Program

Most online associate-level teaching programs take two years to finish. However, online programs occasionally offer accelerated pathways to earning a degree, assuming the student is committed to completing the work in a timely manner. Students will take courses such as English composition, mathematics, biology and other physical sciences, social sciences, communications, and humanities courses like art history, world history, and foreign languages. The broad spectrum of classes should give the student a better sense for what they’re interested in pursuing beyond their associate degree.

Online programs in teaching require the student to work remotely, which comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Students who work during the day or have other commitments that prevent them from attending brick and mortar institutions are able to earn their associate online with just a stable internet connection and personal drive. It is up to the student to access their coursework online through webinars and video lectures. Students access their course information through an online portal, where they may also connect with professors and other online students.

What’s Next for Teaching Associate Degree Holders?

Students may take a general studies program for personal enrichment purposes or to bolster their career prospects. However, an associate degree is arguably best used as a path to further educational opportunities. The courses taken in general education programs satisfy the core requirements characteristic of most bachelor’s programs. Thus, students who have completed their associate in general education prior to working toward their bachelor’s will be able to progress immediately into more upper-division courses pertaining to their major.