Online Ph.D. in Elementary Education (K-5)

Students who pursue elementary education doctorate degrees will learn what it takes to attain teaching and administration careers in the education industry. This challenging Ph.D. program helps those who have an interest in elementary school teaching or administration careers adhere to the demands of both educational institutions and young students. A typical doctorate degree in elementary education features courses in instructional leadership, child development in early childhood, theories of learning in education and advanced studies of literacy development.

Why a Ph.D. Degree?

New technologies, research developments and progressive schools have completely revolutionized the education world. Students pursuing PhD programs in elementary education will learn about these new developments and consider them during their dissertation research, analysis and writing. Those who complete a doctorate often move on to work as administrators, policy analysts, curriculum designers, learning resource specialists and postsecondary teachers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), school administrators are required to have at least a master’s. Instructional coordinators are required to have a master’s degree as well.

Inside an Elementary Education Ph.D. Degree Program

A PhD in elementary education usually takes five to six years to complete. In their graduate program, students will be expected to select a specialty in which they should focus their dissertation research. Students may also be expected to complete an array of training courses and student-teaching hours to qualify for postsecondary teaching positions. Unlike most traditional doctorate programs, a Ph.D. in elementary education encourages students to focus their research topics on past and current research in the education industry as opposed to pursuing brand new research topics.

Online colleges and distance learning programs are increasing across the globe, and many of these online universities feature education degrees. An online Ph.D. in elementary education is ideal in that students can complete their studies without neglecting the demands of their professional and personal lives. Generally, the course materials for online degree programs are presented through a combination of online materials, such as audio and video lectures and virtual training exercises.

What’s Next for Elementary Education Ph.D. Degree Holders?

Doctorate degree in hand, students may work toward a career as school administrators, policy analysts, curriculum designers, learning resource specialists and postsecondary teachers. As a professed expert in education, doctoral students may work toward changing educational policy for the better and improving the learning environment. They may work in higher-level school board or district-wide positions to encourage such changes.

According to the BLS, the average annual salary of school administrators is about $89,540. Postsecondary teachers typically earn less than administrators, bringing in about $70,790 a year. Administrator positions are expected to grow 13% over the next few years; postsecondary teaching positions are also projected to increase at a rate of 13%.